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Enjoy the full trip in virtual reality:
Use headphones for the best experience.
What did our travellers tell us after experiencing the hyperloop trip?

"Wow! That's crazy. That looks really cool. I'm really excited! Awesome"

Image by Marius Ciocirlan

"You think you can physically feel the movement, just through sound and light."

Image by Alexandro Espinar

"I think it's very good that you can see how the clouds move, just to get a sense of time too."


"The fact that it's like heaven makes it seem insanely open. It's an easy feeling, that's all right."

"It's very beautiful that the integrated stripes are framing the interior very abstractly. And they are ending smoothly into the sky. I like that very much."

"The [side] edges look very sharp. A thicker material thickness of the outer wall, as in a car, or a visible edge would provide more protection. The association is a bit like a bathtub. The material looks like a thin sheet now. I'd like something more solid."

What did other users tell us after trying out our VR-Prototype?

"I can't see my legs and arms, thats weird."

"It feels so real because I can touch the things that I see."


"This is really great. Absolutely fantastic. I've never seen a concept be presented like this at TUM."

Thank you very much for travelling with Hyperloop!
We hope you enjoyed the trip and wish you a pleseant stay in Berlin.
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